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I loved this game so much, it had me really thinking about these things and it was confusing. I really want to see some more games like this.

FINALLY, a puzzle game that's actually tough! Took me like 5 hours over the course of three weeks to figure out all the puzzles. So hard but so worth it.


I grew 4 new brains after this

wondeful game <3

is there any way to get the soundtrack?


This music is free material. Anyone can download from the following URL.

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Deleted 85 days ago

No end ??? just a black door ??? 

The puzzles confused me a lot. without the solution, it's very hard. A lot of failure, but it have a nice atmosphere.

Good job otherwie


The ending is still on.

Please keep clicking.


Really cool game. Very impressed.

I wish there was some way to tell which puzzles correspond to which orbs after the fact. I lost track of which ones I had completed successfully and I only realized the deal with multiple solutions for the same puzzle half way through.

I had to reset the game to get my bearings again. Not a big deal, but seems like a solvable problem.

Please make sure to play the game by yourself first before watching the video, this game is really good and it's better to experience it on your own first!

I love this puzzle game, the vibe is amazing, reminds me of old escape room games I used to play on websites when I was young. Just much more refined.

The puzzles are hard, in fact I had to use the clues at least once because my brain was too weak to handle them, but they are in fact creative, fun, and rewarding when you figure them out by yourself.

I'll be waiting for Her Trees 2, keep the good work!

When's the sequel coming along?

I love this game! The player being thrown in with very few ideas on how they can interact with their world is such a good concept! This may not work with some of the puzzles, but more often than not, you can solve the puzzles if you think outside the box or get a tiny push in the right direction. When Her Trees 2 comes out, let me know!

I love the atmosphere and the unique style of art, including the puzzles. It all really kept me engaged until the end in one sitting. I don't typically like puzzle games, but this one I'd recommend to everybody.

¡no me gusta el horror pero el game es muy agradable!

很喜欢这个游戏!它的氛围和谜题设计都让人忍不住赞美。(Love this game very much! I cannot hold to apperciate the atmosphere and puzzle design.)

Such a beautiful game - I really enjoyed the music for this! 

That was truly an experience, I'm not very good at puzzle games but I still love playing them! I'm very happy that there are hints & answers to guide the players even though I struggled a bit at first with well, everything. But once I got the hang of things, I began to pick up a pattern and though I relied a lot on the hints & answers I still enjoyed it a lot! Especially when the puzzles themselves were so different and unique! I love the style and atmosphere of this puzzle game! It's truly unique in that aspect as well as the msyterious plot or lack thereof, amazing game!!

This is a great puzzle game! I like the art and presentation of the game. The music is very relaxing. The ending is pretty surreal as well.

Regarding the puzzles themselves: They can be a bit difficult, but that makes solving them that much more satisfying! I had to use the optional hints after a bit of trying to connect the dots myself and getting a bit stuck. Even though I used the hints, I still felt that I had room to “solve the puzzle” rather than just be outright given the answer in some cases. I think it’s a bit subjective though because I can totally see some hints straight up giving the answer in some cases, which may not be to everyone’s "hint" tastes. I personally thought it was balanced fine though. There were only two puzzles I had to look up the solution for.

Again, this was a good game! Definitely go into it blind if you’re interested! 

me fue dificil en algunas partes, lo termine en 2 horas, me gusto los puzzles :)

Очень понравилась игра) Спасибо)

Finished the game completely, all of the puzzles had really interesting solutions! I'd love to see where this goes in the future

Loved this game, the puzzles were challenging but definitely doable!


This is a smart but hard game. It was fun!

i will say, it was hard for me, but I loved it!!!


This was impressive! ^_^

The visuals were appealing and intriguing; the puzzles were clever, unusual, and impressively varied; and the mechanics were elegant and effective.

Very well done, I do think! ^_^

Well made, I like it.

great puzzle game

Very nice and very smart game! I loved it. Thank you!